EGR Valve & Cooler Assembly - Audi Q5, Volkswagen Amarok - EV149

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Goss have re-engineered the EGR cooler and developed a new manufacturing process to produce a product which is less prone to cracking and leakage. 

Internal tubes are manufactured from stainless steel for longevity and are TIG welded to laser cut plates isolating the coolant from the exhaust. This new design cools the exhaust gases more efficiently than the original design. Also helping to prevent a buildup of carbon that would usually diminish the effectiveness of the system.

Goss aftermarket coolers are:

  • Supplied with fitment gaskets where necessary
  • Heat, stress, pressure & resonance tested to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Offer substantial cost efficiencies to the aftermarket

Vehicle Compatibility

Suits models including;

  • AUDI Q5 8R (03/2009-09/2010) DIESEL 2.0 litre, CAHA Turbo
  • AUDI Q5 8R (10/2010-09/2012) 2.0 litre, CGLB Turbo
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK 2H (02/2011-01/2013) DIESEL 2.0 litre, CDCA Turbo CRD
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK 2H (09/2011-01/2013) DIESEL 2.0 litre, CDBA Turbo CRD

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